Mar 182016

Once we finish the first chapter we’ll be reaching out directly to the readers using for the first printing. Kickstarter offers us the ability to give readers all kinds of extra stuff and cool merchandise.

We hope to launch the Kickstarter sometime in April. More information about when we expect to ship and other information will be able in the Kickstarter and here.

Mar 172016

Camelot fell not only to outside force, but also to betrayal from within…

King Arthur appears in modern day, sent through time from the moment of his defeat in battle by his old friend Merlin. Morganna LeFay has established a corporate empire whose true goal is to control all magic left in the world. He discovers a network of knights, descendants from his original round table, allied against Morganna and waiting for the return of the king, a role Arthur is reluctant to take.

Arthur remains pure of spirit and trusting, blind to the dangers of internal treachery and the modern world. Luckily, he has a detective on his side, the 13-year-old great-granddaughter of… Sherlock Holmes!